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‘Shoreline Conversations’ is an ecumenical project designed to provide encouragement and resources for individuals and groups who wish to explore the spiritual dimension to life from a broadly Christian perspective.

Key to the initiative is creating opportunities for reflection and spiritual conversation and we are inviting participation from as wide a constituency as possible. Individuals can participate, as can local groups and whole congregations.

Avowedly ecumenical in attitude and intention, we hope that this initiative will not only enrich the life of local churches and Christian communities, but also provide a basis for the sharing of life and faith between Christians of different traditions.

Indeed, the approach that we recommend may also be of value in engaging those who are no longer formally attached to the Church in any of its institutional forms, but still seek spiritual nourishment from the Christian tradition.

The title ‘Shoreline Conversations’ expresses with some clarity the attitude and the stance, which underpins this initiative. It points to the quality of graceful communication encapsulated in the word ‘conversation’ while evoking a sense of the vibrant, constantly changing borderlands between the spiritual and the secular; the inward journey and its outward expression.

– Mark Davis


“In moments of solitude we seek freedom, growth and understanding, but a ‘breathing space’ can also describe a place of encounter…a sacred space where friends meet to compare notes and share experience, seeking insight through a graceful exchange of thoughts and feelings. Alone or in company we seek the Divine Presence…”

Mark Davis


Key aspects of the conversational methodology we are promoting and espousing. Notes about personal reflection and graceful conversation are complemented by advice about gathering and facilitating groups.



How individuals and local groups, associations and whole communities can participate in this ecumenical project. Exploring together what is means to live a balanced, thoughtful life from a broadly Christian perspective. How to access suitable training.



Our offering to those who would like to become more proficient in facilitating groups gathered for spiritual conversation. An introductory two-day workshop is supplemented by further bespoke learning opportunities for those who wish to develop this form of ministry.



  • Spiritual conversation is absolutely vital today. It enables health and healing, discovery, and deepening understanding takes place among us. Through it both our individual lives, and our life together in many complex communities and contexts, are enriched and transformed…Mark Davis does what he does better than anyone else I know – simply and profoundly opening up a way whereby world-changing conversation might take place.
    Martyn AtkinsGeneral Secretary of the Methodist Church of Great Britain
  • Mark Davis has identified a real need in the local parish – a place where people can safely meet and share their searching and questioning. But more than this, through the experience and sensitive expertise of its facilitators, it can help parishioners from all backgrounds come together and positively move forward in a way that gives them a sense of achievement and a confidence in their vocation as lay people in the church and in the world. I wholeheartedly commend them to you.
    Fr. Philip InchLiverpool RC Archdiocese
  • A facilitator is the man or woman who performs this liberating task (helping persons to make manifest the potential treasure that lies hidden in almost every small group) and, if he or she does the job well, the members of the group will indeed feel deeply, think deeply and, in some instances, be inspired to discover new ways of being and relating. Mark Davis is such a skilled facilitator…
    Brian ThorneEmeritus Professor of Counselling, University of East Anglia