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  • I (Lynne) have used the pack with two different groups this week – firstly a new group of eight women from several denominations in the town, and secondly with my own house group, where the leader and most other members were absent this week (for valid work and family reasons).

    In both groups there  was certainly appreciation of the material and the style of using it – leaving a 15 minute ‘breathing space’ for people to read through the passages and reflect on them. In the larger women’s group, response was varied and conversation flowed easily. In the second, comprising myself and three men, responses were slower to arise and limited maybe to only one subject each.

    I’d love feedback from others of you who are starting to use the material, perhaps for the first time. What has gone well, and when has it felt harder and why?

  • Glimpsing God – our first conversation pack

    I (Lynne) am thrilled to have received my copies of the new Glimpsing God pack and am proudly showing them around!…

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